Dance for Joy is a dance and fitness company that aims to share the joy of dance in the HK community. Founded by young couple Bill and Faye Castillo, Dance for Joy offers adult fitness classes, kids dance classes, dance parties & company events. All dance classes and events are designed to be fun and entertaining. We offer the best lifestyle statement in the community, and that is a FIT, HAPPY and HEALTHY body through dance!

Dance for Joy’s team of innovative teachers provides quality dance instruction and a fun and positive teaching approach. It is our goal to bring out the personal best in each individual talent. In addition to providing quality dance and fitness classes, Dance for Joy is committed to creating dynamic dance performance from a simple dance birthday party to corporate events. 

Dance for Joy’s unique service offers courses that are focused on individuals who are non-experienced dancers. We create a unique syllabus  to boost the self esteem of students of all levels through the art of simple body movement. Our team believes that dance must be expressed for enjoyment in developing a healthy state of mind and body. A fun, entertaining and empowering lifestyle catering not only to highly trained dance individuals, but most of all to anyone who seek a new path of creativity, passion and joy through dance.

Why Dance?

Dance has been a big phenomenon all over Hong Kong, and it is our joy to bring it to anyone who wants to be fit, happy and healthy! Our classes are designed to be fun. It is an experience that allows people to get away from the daily routine of life. It will keep you healthy and fit, as well as happy and entertained.

It is our goal to provide quality dance instruction and a positive and fun teaching approach to dancers of all levels.