Children & Teen Classes


JAZZ Addict Syllabus by Asia Pacific Dance Association

Learn the technique of jazz in the upbeat dance style of funk! This class will teach proper jazz technique to develop rhythm and coordination while expressing the students’ own style and self-expression. A fun technique class with an attitude! Exams are held annually to all qualified students.

Pop Class

Do you have what it takes to be a pop star? Sing & dance to the latest pop music of today! This class consists of vocalization, singing techniques and dance choreography to top off! Children in this group will be learning to work as a team. All music and dance moves are age appropriate.

Kids Hip-Hop

A high-energy, fun dance class that features the popular hip-hop moves of today! This class includes stretching and warm-up, hip-hop grooving, body isolation and choreography that will make you dance like your favorite pop stars! This class will help you build your self-confidence and promotes self-esteem! All music and dance moves are age appropriate.


This class is for energetic kiddos who just love to move and dance! Children will explore the basic movement of dance in a fun and engaging way! This will enable them to let loose while developing dance rhythm & coordination, creativity and musicality. Class includes warm-up, grooving, dance games and basic choreography. All music and dance moves are age appropriate.


ADTA Acro Dance Syllabus

Gymnastricks is based on Acrobatique Arts Acro Dance Syllabus. A safe and effective program that includes flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and Tumbling. simple progressions take a beginner preschool level dancers from log rolls and summersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage! It is fusion of modern dance, jazz, contortion, artistic gymnastics acro yoga, hand balancing and more.

Teens Hip-Hop

This fun, energizing dance class will teach students hip-hop choreography and technique while also helping dancers develop their understanding of rhythm, body awareness, and self-expression. With every class, students learn a new set of Hip Hop routines and combination. All levels welcome.

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