Adult Funky

Duration: 60 minutes

Get funky in this full 60-minute cardio dance workout! A fun, easy and very effective way to relieve stress and lose weight! Get your heart rate pumping with this dance workout that will make you feel and look younger and vibrant! Very easy steps that will make you groove to your favorite dance hits!

Funky Dance is a workout that will make you fit, happy and healthy! Energetic, friendly and highly qualified fitness instructors lead all dance classes.

POUND® is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the fun of playing the drums. The full-body workout uses lightly weighted drumsticks (Ripstix®) engineered for exercise and combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. It heavily relies on stability-based exercises to keep your body aligned, symmetrical and lean.

Pound Rockout Workout

in collaboration with XP Fitness Hub

Duration: 60 minutes


Duration: 60 minutes

Come along and learn some cool hip-hop moves to the latest K-POP, R&B and hip-hop music! Express yourself through music and dance, using the dynamic dance style of hip-hop. Hip Hop dance is a form of dance that focuses on the musicality, attitude, style and funk.

This class begins with a basic warm-up to stretch and tone the body, followed by across the floor hip-hop exercises and choreography to end the class. All levels welcome.

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